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Medical Care

With our in-house medical team, patients receive quality medical care in addition to chiropractic and physical therapy. We provide a multi-discipline approach.

Medical Care

With our in-house medical team, patients receive quality medical care in addition to chiropractic and physical therapy. We provide x-Rays, MRI's, orthopedic, neurology, and pain management services.

For your benefit, we specialize in documenting your injuries, lost wages, duties under duress, loss of enjoyment, and disability. We will happily file your insurance paperwork for you and work with your attorney liens. We will even help you find an attorney. We can also help you get a cash advance on your settlement. At Chiro-Time, we help you Get well & Get Paid!

Get Specialized Treatment from Chiropractic Experts

Car accident injuries can land you in the worst condition most of the times. If not treated at the right time it can cause stress to your physical well-being. To cater to this situation, you can reach out to the Car Accident Chiropractor Atlanta who will provide full wellness care. The Chiro- Time Clinics is one of the top-rated Atlanta Chiropractic and Wellness centers that take care of your old or new car accident injuries. The Chiropractors are experienced with advanced Chiropractic techniques. They will find out the root cause of your pain. Each Chiropractor gives personalized attention to all the patients and provides the best wellness care to the car accident victims.

Diagnosing Your Symptoms

The Chiropractor providing Chiropractic treatment at Chiro-Time Clinics and wellness center initially diagnosis your pain symptoms. Before administering the treatment, we carry out a detailed examination using:

  • MRI
  • X-Ray
  • Neurological evaluation
  • Muscular-skeletal diagnosis

  • After the complete diagnosis, our Atlanta based Chiropractors designs a customized treatment plan for each car accident victim. The full evaluation and after care of the patients are done at our Atlanta Chiropractic and Wellness clinic. With this, our Chiropractor uses techniques like Spinal manipulation or other extremity techniques. Our Chiropractic care in Atlanta Wellness center does not involve any pressure procedures that may hurt our patients.

    Reasons to Take Our Chiropractic Services

    Chiro-time Clinics is a one-of-its-kind Atlanta Chiropractic and Wellness center that has a team of certified and experienced Chiropractor. They provide the best Chiropractic care in the Atlanta town keeping the pain symptoms of the patients under consideration. Here are some of the reasons to take our services:

    • Our Car Accident Chiropractor Atlanta carry out a proper evaluation of the car accident victims
    • We provide auto accident assistance and cash assistance to the patients
    • Use of modern and advanced Chiropractic techniques for full recovery of the patients Charges Affordable fee
    • Round the clock customer support
    • Online scheduling of the appointments
    • Personalized attention is provided to each patient
    • Our motto is 100% customer satisfaction
    • We help you with your accidental insurance work


    If you have been injured in an auto accident call Chiro-Time Clinics for your one stop shop in handling all of your accident needs. With 4 locations, Chiro-Time Clinics takes the guess work out of what to do after an accident. Call (770) 884-1360 or schedule online at one of our convenient locations today!


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