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Physio - Therapy Modalities

We offer a variety of physiotherapy modalities to assist with healing, pain relief, and returning to an active lifestyle.

Physio - Therapy Modalities

Our physiotherapy techniques are tailored to work well in conjunction with our chiropractic and medical services. We offer a wide variety of physiotherapy modalities to assist patients with healing, pain relief, and getting back to an active lifestyle.

Treating pain Condition with Physio-Therapy

At Chiro-Time Clinics, we provide Pain Management Services Atlanta by targeting the source of your pain then treating it with non-surgical technique. Our Chiropractor specializes in pain management by treating it with Physiotherapy modalities. Our time-tested treatment plans are designed keeping in mind the patient’s severity of pain and how it is affecting them. People living in Atlanta can schedule their appointments with us online. We deal in slips and fall along with auto-accident injuries. Our team of Chiropractors uses advanced and natural healing techniques to treat the injured. Our pain management technique mainly involves physiotherapy modalities that not only heals your pain but also puts you back on a healthy lifestyle.

Our Valuable Approach

Chiro-Time Clinics is your one-stop solution for Pain Management Services Atlanta as we provide quality treatment to the patients suffering from acute and chronic pain. We diagnose your past medical records too before providing pain management service so that it suits you in the best manner. Moreover, our Chiropractors are experienced and certified health personnel to provide Physiotherapy modalities service to the patients.

We assure our patients that they will no longer have to deal with the long-lasting pain that may occur in their bones or joints. With our pain management service, they will be able to recoup faster as well as get rid of any kind of inflammation real fast. Our main motto is providing a healthy life to our patients so that they do not have to deal with extreme stress due to acute pain.

As our treatment style is finding the source of pain and then treating it, so we make sure that our patients in Atlanta feel relive after their sessions with us. In addition to this, you can rely on us for other kinds of assistance that includes cash or transport assistance. We offer affordable treatment to our patients.


If you have been injured in an auto accident call Chiro-Time Clinics for your one stop shop in handling all of your accident needs. With 4 locations, Chiro-Time Clinics takes the guess work out of what to do after an accident. Call (770) 884-1360 or schedule online at one of our convenient locations today!


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